Virtual Phone System For Tax Practitioners

With tax season in high gear, we recommend you get schedule your appointment to learn how to set up a virtual phone system now. In this way, you can be off and running to your vacation after tax season is over. Take action to schedule a thirty minute call now about a virtual phone that provides multiple features.

For those who do this now, we can have you set up to be out the door on vacation with your virtual phone set up so you can walk out the door with it on April 16th. This system includes all the features you need to operate your tax practice for only thirty dollars a month. This offer is amazing so schedule a call at this link:



Kat Jennings - Virtual Office

1st Step – Secure Virtual Office Address

TaxConnections developed the first virtual office technology for tax professionals members. It is a virtual office address in the cloud that frees you from a physical office space. A virtual office enables others to find and connect with you no matter how many address changes you make throughout your personal or professional life. A virtual cloud office enables business connections to keep track of you professionally over a long period of time. A reliable address during the course of your professional career results in increased business opportunities for you.

As an internationally recognized expert in search for tax professionals, I can assure you there are many obstacles that prevent a steady stream of new business reaching you today. Your biggest obstacle is when sites expect people to pay to find and connect with you online. More than 85% of potential business opportunities never make it to you when people are asked to pay to see your contact information. These prospective business opportunities make their way to tax professionals who have established themselves with a virtual office. A virtual office opens the flow of business opportunities to your professional career.

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Kat Jennings- Virtual Office - Virtual Phone - Virtual Mailbox

It is an exciting time for anyone providing tax services today. For those who are taking the steps to go virtual, you will find yourself ahead of competitors. This post discusses the steps you can take today to take your tax practice virtual. It is really very easy when you approach it in small steps.

The first step in taking your tax services virtual is establishing yourself as a virtual tax professional. If you did not read the article I wrote earlier this week on voice activated search, I highly recommend you take the time to read it now. The majority of you will be caught off guard. Take the first step to secure your virtual address on a site that anyone can connect with you. Get a virtual office address with TaxConnections Membership.

Step two is getting a virtual phone: Learn About A Virtual Phone Today
With a cost of only thirty dollars a month and more features than you can possibly imagine, it is smart to get a virtual phone today. It is so affordable it makes business sense to get it set up now. The phone is all pre-programmed and sent to you.  All you need to do is plug it in. For those of you who are thinking of waiting until tax season is over, you will wish you had it set up now so you can walk away with comfort after all the filing deadlines. Believe me, for those of you who delay remember the advice I just gave you.

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Virtual Phone - TaxConnections

As I was talking to a CFO client this week about his return vacation from Hawaii, I explained to him that he could still be working in Hawaii and no one would know the difference with the new virtual phone system. He can transfer his calls from cell phone to office, have a video conference meeting, know when his staff has checked in and are working, chat with them about the projects due this week and no know would know if he was in his office or on the beach.

Take a look at this amazing new technology that can be easily added to your current phone system. We have been utilizing this phone service and we love it. Once you see every feature you have for thirty dollars a month, you will drop all the other service providers and save yourself thousands of dollars a month. It is simply amazing!

Learn About A Virtual Phone Today