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Tax Professionals: Share Your Taxpayer Success Stories On TaxConnections

Tax Professionals: We Want Your Stories

There are highly educated tax professionals applying the tax laws as they should be done and we are very proud of them. TaxConnections professional members educate the public on tax rules and regulations and tax reduction opportunities many taxpayers miss each year. With taxpayers searching for additional tax revenue, it is important for tax professionals to step out and promote their successes for taxpayers. We want to hear them because everyone benefits knowing more about tax laws and how they are applied.

Having your tax professional profile on accomplishes the following: Stepping onto the TaxConnections platform raises your profile as a tax professional; taxpayers spend more time on the TaxConnections site on each visit than major generalist sites(view Amazon Alexa Analytics); many tax professionals utilize TaxConnections as their one page website; we ensure anyone can reach you and message you for free; you can promote your tax events for free with a tax professional membership; and we have a strategy to get you noticed and teach you how to do so in a weekly tutorial that runs 18 weeks.

Please join TaxConnections and see the difference in getting noticed by multinational corporate executives, high net worth individuals and businesses of all sizes who seek a tax expert.

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