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Archive for Streamlined Procedures

Streamlined Program Leaves Snowbirds Out In The Cold

For many U.S. expats who are delinquent in their expat tax filings, the Streamlined Procedures offer a great solution for catching up with limited or no penalties.  Due to the Streamlined program’s qualification requirements, however, American citizens living in Canada, or other countries, who regularly visit the U.S. may find it particularly difficult to participate in the program. Read more

FBARs for Unsuspecting Canadians Present in the United States

FINCEN114 due June 30th for the 2015 taxation year, reporting beneficial interest or signature authority in non-U.S. financial accounts where the annual aggregate highest balance is greater than $10K U.S., may have to be filed by Canadian taxpayers.

Those who meet the substantial presence test for residency in the U.S., regardless of a claim under Article IV of the Canada/U.S. tax Read more

U.S. Expatriates with RESPs

U.S. citizens (or even green cardholders) resident in Canada who are contributors (or a joint contributor) to their children’s RESP (“registered educational savings plan”) may have U.S. reporting issues.

Should the RESP be regarded as a foreign trust by the IRS (as they do with RRSPs), then the RESP would be regarded as foreign grantor trust. In this regard the annual income realized in the RES
P Read more