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What Is A Specified Service Trade Business?

John Dundon - Specified Service Trade Business

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When not riding my mountain bike in the Rocky Mountains I tend to hang out with tax nerds … pretty much all the time, to the extent that tax nerds actually ‘hang out’ that is.  At one of our most recent ‘meetups’ (think band camp without the instruments) we had a lot of fun indulging in freshly picked peaches & poking holes in the bizarrely nuanced albeit new ‘concept’ (if you will) of what a Specified Service Trade or Business (SSTB) is ‘proposed to be’ according to our esteemed ‘rule-writers’ from the US Treasury.

Worth noting is that there were a LOT of smart people in the room, many of whom spent their entire adult lives reading and writing about (as well as applying) the US Tax Code/Regulations. 

We all generally agreed that no business wants to be deemed a SSTB (as the acronym alone sounds like a disease) and that as a result there will be all sorts of skulduggery rearing its ugly head in the not too distant future from US Taxpayers and perhaps our beloved federal government alike.

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