No Right to Intervene?—IRS Third-Party Summonses

Third-party summonses. Taxpayers, individuals, and companies, alike, should be aware of the Internal Revenue Service’s (“IRS”) power to issue third-party summonses. Even more, interested parties should note that only parties who receive notice of a third-party summons may intervene in district court regarding the summons’ enforcement. In a recent decision, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals held that certain third parties were not entitled to notice of the summonses, and, therefore, the district court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction over the proceedings to quash the summonses.

Section 7609, Generally

Subchapter A of 26 U.S. Code, Subtitle F, Chapter 78, generally addresses the IRS’ procedures for “examination and inspection” related to the discovery of liability and enforcement of title. Section 7609 of the Internal Revenue Code addresses the special procedures related to third-party summonses. Section 7609 provides, in part:

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