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R&D Tax Credits – IRS Form 8974, IRS Form 6765, IRS Form 3800 And The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

JOHN DUNDON - IRS Forms On R&D Tax Credits

Hold On! Resist the urge to gloss over the title so fast! Do whatever it takes to clear your head and FOCUS for 6,000 words or so on R&D Tax Credits – IRS Forms 897467653800 & the TCJA.

Understanding the tax reporting and compliance procedures of this very interesting tax credit is GOOD BUSINESS for 3 VERY IMPORTANT Reasons:

  1. MONEY – Taxpayers Save BIG
  2. OPPORTUNITY – More Taxpayers Qualify
  3. TIMING – Applicable statues changing in 2022


Since becoming law in 1981 the R&D tax credit has proven to be quite a valuable tax planning tool yielding billions of dollars in federal and state benefits for LARGE US businesses with big compliance budgets.


Now that the tax credit is permanent and can be applied towards employment tax, planning opportunities abound for medium size and smaller companies – including startups!

The intended consequence of the 2015 PATH Act is prevailing and it turns out more small businesses are putting systems in place to comply with tax credit audit standards.

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