IRS Expands Secure Digital Correspondence For Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service is applying technology to provide a more efficient way for taxpayers or their tax professional to submit requested documentation online instead of mailing it to the IRS.

To help people understand this new feature, the IRS is providing additional details about this important new time-saving initiative.

The IRS Document Upload Tool enables digital correspondence with the taxpayer by providing a URL and a time-limited unique access code to a specific taxpayer so they can upload their documents to the IRS. Access originates with the IRS, and it isn’t available for certain documents, such as those requiring physical signatures.

Nine Notices Added To Project, More To Come…

In early 2023, the IRS began including online correspondence as an option on nine of the CP series notices, potentially affecting more than 500,000 taxpayers each year. Taxpayers who receive one of the following notices with the link and access code can choose to upload their documents:
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