California Newsome Signs Budget Deal Offering Taxpayer Funded Health Insurance To 3.3M Immigrants

We greatly appreciate feedback from the tax professional community on these measures.

Determined to make history, and scheduled to start in 2024, the State of California and its taxpayers are offering taxpayer-funded health insurance to its entire 3.3M  illegal alien population.The cost for health insurance for  California taxpayers is expected to be about $2.4 billion annually.  

California is also expanding their food stamp program for illegal immigrants, paid for by taxpayers. Here is the post from the Governor’s Office.

Californians’ Pockets and Investing in State’s Future


SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today signed a $308 billion state budget that provides direct tax refunds for 23 million Californians to help address rising costs, tackles the state’s most pressing needs, builds our reserves, and invests in California’s future.

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the budget:

1. “Cha-ching! You just received a deposit.”

Global inflation. Rising costs. It’s hard out there and we know it. So, we’re giving you $9.5 billion back. MILLIONS of Californians– 23 million to be exact – will benefit from up to $1,050, as soon as October! See if you qualify on the new Middle-Class Tax Refund calculator here.

2.  Don’t go into crippling debt over a hospital visit

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