Hugo van zyl

Expats living outside SA must first answer the following questions before they agree to emigrate financially:

  1. Provide a family structure and background information on the immediate family, i.e.:
  2. Married, single, children?
    • Do your spouse and all your minor children reside with you in a foreign country
      • If not, provide some background information on the location and reason therefor, concerning your immediate family. Any intention for them to join you soon?
  3. Your family home in SA:
    • Did you sell or rent it out? If rented out, is it a long-term rental agreement?
  4. Do you own a holiday or house on the family farm, always available to you?
    • When you and you and the family visit South Africa, where will you reside?

And now the questions we will be asking:

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It is not unusual for South Africans to live and work overseas for some years, and then at some point, usually after receiving a second nationality, to return to South Africa. Many of these persons returning to South Africa wish to bring their household goods back with them. The SA Customs and Excise Act makes provision for a concession that allows such persons to import goods without having to pay import duties and VAT.

Unfortunately, many persons encounter hiccups with the process, and Breytenbachs Advisory are aware of persons who have been kept in custody at Customs for days due to non-compliance to the prescribed process. We have subsequently provided some answers to South Africans’ frequently asked question on the import of household goods to South Africa.

Who qualifies for the concession on the import of household goods to South Africa? Read More