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Are You A Consumer Debtor Or A Business Debtor?

GREG MITCHELL - Are you a consumer debtor or a business debtor?

The issue of whether a debtor is a “consumer debtor” or a “business debtor” occasionally comes up in an individual debtor’s bankruptcy case.  First of all, why does it matter?  And the answer is that, in certain cases, this determination can make all the difference in determining whether the debtor can ultimately get a chapter 7 discharge.

The issue revolves around the “means test” in bankruptcy.  Simply put, the means test looks at a debtor’s income to determine whether that particular debtor’s income is above or below the “mean” income for other debtors in a similar situation – i.e., the same geographic region and the same number of dependents.

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Can Filing Bankruptcy Wipe Out Your IRS Tax Debt?

Life happens! Divorce. Job loss. Serious illness. These are life events that can cause financial hardship and force good honest folks to file for bankruptcy. Those who have struggled with an endless stream of expenses that never end often owe income taxes that just will not let them be.

Taxes are a part of life. This is true after bankruptcy. Before filing your income tax returns when there has been a bankruptcy, it’s important to know things. Many people have either partial or incorrect information whether and how bankruptcy could help.

The following information may help you get a few things straight and find the best choice for you:

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Everything You Need to Know About Bankruptcy

Robert McKenzie, Tax Attorney

Types of Bankruptcies
Chapter 7. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all of the debtor’s nonexempt property is liquidated and the proceeds distributed to creditors. Individual debtors receive a discharge of personal liability for pre-petition debts, subject to exceptions in §523, whether or not a proof of claim was filed or the debt was allowed under §502.727(b). Read more