Catastrophic Flood In Lousiana – Affecting Taxpayers For A Long Time To Come

Kat Jennings

As I was attempting to check one of our members Kathryn Morgan on the flooding in Bossier City, Louisiana, I was stunned by this video. Although Kathryn has yet to get back to me, I now understand why.

I met Kathryn when she had just come out of the flood in 2012 and we sent her a complimentary membership to help her during this time. She is outstanding and a super smart tax advisor. Looks like everyone will need a lot more help than a complimentary membership as the devastation from the flood in Louisiana is stunning.

The damage from the flooding brought back memories of how I lost more than 70 storage boxes of all my personal, business and tax documents and family photos. I had everything neatly stored and ready to move. As I sold my home, I was made an offer by the buyer to stay in it until they moved out here from the east coast in 2 years. It was a nice last minute surprise to continue to live in the home that I raised my three sons for 2 years. While all these boxes were in storage under my home, a sprinkler system that ran under my home had broken and flooded out. The boxes of documents were all destroyed by water damage and mold. We experienced the flood damage to our records and documents 3 days prior to my moving out when the Realtor did a walk through. The loss of these documents created problems for me for years to come and gives me insight to what these families will face when the flood waters recede.

My heart goes out to Kathryn Morgan and every family in Louisiana affected by the devastation of these floods. What I do know is that whatever Kathryn Morgan and her family may have lost during the flood (remember I have not spoken to her recently), I know that her clients will be able to reach her and message Kathryn through her TaxConnections Profile. TaxConnections is a secure backup plan for any tax professional wanting the security of a virtual tax office where clients can reach you in the event of an emergency and all your computer equipment is down. Thank God for information in the cloud.

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