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Business Valuation, Growing Value And Liquidity Realization (Part XX Of Book Series)

Michael Gilburd - Business Valuation Series

Comprehensive Business Review – A Trusted Business Advisor can help you author, design and develop a very clear Business Plan that meets the requirements of a sophisticated audience.

Generally, less is more – the shorter the better. The challenge is to determine how much to emphasize each section, how they interrelate, and how to show your plan as a compelling story.

What to expect:

By using this proven Capital Markets Sourcing Document, you should properly address:

Company Profile
● Business description – summary
● Unique attributes – trends and opportunities
● Deal potential
● Exit / liquidity event
● Investment highlights – loan or investment request
● Collateral
● Use of proceeds
● Financial data – historical and prospective

Description of the Business
● Company history and operations
● Industry outlook and market – target, size, growth trends, international potential
● Company growth compared to industry and economic conditions
● Competitive advantage, value enhancers and business strategy
● Sales methodology, customers and distribution channel
● Brand recognition, intellectual property, and other intangibles
● Competitors – size and number
● Barriers to entry
● Production and suppliers
● Demonstrate a good business and investment opportunity
● Management team depth, strength and commitment; status of employees
● Capitalization
● Legal matters – litigation
● Risk factors and analysis – operational, financial and external
● Financing strategy – with EBITDA solid justification

Exhibits –
● Business valuation (including public company comparables and financial analysis)
● Alignment of Historical and Projected financial statements
● Contracts and other documents for due diligence review

The CMSD should demonstrate that the second-round funding can be retired with a conventional loan or equity investment within 24 months.

Working together, a Trusted Business Advisor coordinated financial, marketing and operations professionals to join with your team to apply current business planning principles and market-smart positioning strategies.

What to expect:

The best possible plan of action and presentation materials for strategic buyers, investors and partners is put together for you. Your Trusted Business Advisor should recommend that you complete a Deal Screening Process to use your Business Plan to investigate several alternate financing opportunities. Please note that deals should be structured using one or multiples of various available instruments to maximize returns at the lowest possible risk to all involved parties.

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Michael Gilburd

Michael Gilburd, President of ValuCorp International, Inc., has more than forty years of experience in financial transactional services and corporate development.Founded in 1999 by Mr. Gilburd, ValuCorp is a national firm offering expert business valuation services and consulting of creating, improving and preserving value, capital markets and corporate finance advisory, transaction and fairness opinions, restructuring advisory, and management consulting. While serving many industries, ValuCorp specializes in financial institutions, healthcare companies, manufacturing and distribution, professional service firms, energy companies, construction, real estate ventures, and consumer product companies.

Prior to ValuCorp, Mr. Gilburd was:
• Managing Director of corporate finance for two American Express companies, where he assisted in raising funds for various transactions, including acquisitions and public offerings.
• National Director of Corporate Finance for BDO USA, one of the nation’s largest accounting and consulting firms, and a member of their International Corporate Finance Committee.
• Internal Revenue Agent, Manhattan District, New York

Mr. Gilburd has authored many Business Valuations, Family Limited Partnership Valuations and Loan Packages for private and confidential transactions and settlements.

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