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The Corporate Tax Executives Building Better Taxes Book: Transfer Pricing

Tax Commandments

This post is from our members book BUILDING BETTER TAXES. It is a collection of critical, engaging, and amusing articles on the construction of international corporate taxation. It is for everyone who wants to understand the current state of international tax, and for anyone who appreciates good writing seasoned with equal measures of wit and wisdom.” The book covers Tax Policy, Tax Risk, Transfer Pricing and Tax People. This book follows on from the internationally acclaimed TAX COMMANDMENTS FOR BUSINESS providing a practical guide to managing a corporate tax function in industry. 

Transfer pricing has been unfairly publicly criticised as a bizarre tax creation. I believe that it is owed to transfer pricing to set this record straight. Transfer pricing is an essential commercial process that must be considered by every group that embarks on multinational activities. Indeed, intercompany trading is the perfect corporate marriage for global business to generate long-term value. Or put another way: 

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Tax Commandments For Business: Extract From Book

Tax Commandments For Business: Extract From Book

(This new book by Peter Mason reveals the secrets of best practices and tips of the trade in operating an effective and responsible corporate tax function.)

So, you’ve made it! It’s the best job, the ideal position, the role you’ve always wanted – and now it’s yours. This is a major achievement, so be proud of yourself. For your whole working life, you have been striving towards this goal. It is precisely what all the years of hard work have been for: the demanding training, the long hours, the grueling exams and tough tests, all to climb up this ladder. There’s a smile on your face; satisfaction, even elation. It’s the smile of success in reaching your aim. You think back, remembering when you first started out and decided upon this career. Whether it was a chance encounter or a clear and natural step along your life’s path, you have pursued it with tenacious vigour, and now you’ve made it.

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