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Australian Tax Office’s Scammer Video

The Australian Taxation Office has a webpage dedicated to tax related scams. Their latest video advising taxpayer’s how to protect themselves against scam attempts can be seen below.

This is the Transcript of the ATO Video that can be seen below:

Your personal information, like your identity — is unique. You use it to verify who you are and to access things like bank accounts, loans and tax returns.

Protecting your personal information is important. But do you know what to protect?

Personal information includes your name, address, date of birth, credit card details, myGov details, tax file number and driver’s licence details.

Without proper protection your personal information can be stolen. For example, a scammer might use a fake job recruitment process to ask for information like your tax file number.

Scammers can also email you, knock on your door and collect your details via online ‘classifieds’.

Like locking up your house or covering your pin at the ATM, make protecting your personal information part of your day. Here are a few simple tips to follow. Firstly, don’t put your tax file number on your resume and only give it to an employer after you’ve started a job. Never share your tax file number on social media. If your relationship status changes, think about changing any passwords you shared, and if you’re going to use a tax agent, make sure they’re registered.

Go to for more tips.

Protect your personal information and you’ll protect yourself.


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