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Anticipate, Prepare, Take Action: How To Protect Your Tax Career During This Time

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We are proactively coming up with solutions to help the global tax professional community during a time of great uncertainty. Over thirty years, experience has taught us there are unforeseen events that occur effecting the hiring of tax professionals. When it comes to working in the Big Four, you may find sites like of interest as they are a good reminder of what happens. There are lessons to learn from previous disruptions in the tax profession. Once you learn them you will be able to anticipate what is ahead. However, you need to have insight about what to anticipate before a layoff affects you or anyone you know. Understand the value of staying ahead of the curve of any layoff and position yourself to land top the tax jobs available now.

There are numerous tax organizations searching right now for your tax expertise. However, there are also tax professionals who will be laid off during a time of uncertainty. For those of you considering a move after tax season, take my advice: The smartest tax professionals are interviewing “now via video” and not after tax season. Why? After busy season, you have a lot more people competing for the same pool of tax jobs available. Tax professionals who are tech savvy online will win the attention of future employers. Stay ahead of the market by interviewing now if possible and not after tax season. Anticipate layoffs after tax season and you will be ahead of competitors in being considered for choice tax roles. Remember this is the best way to stay ahead of the curve.

An interesting article in the Financial Times brings to our attention how the Big Four accounting firms handles economic disruption. KPMG came up with the codename “Project Zebra” which stands for “zero-based budgeting” which is a means of stripping as much cost as possible out of a business operation. In particular, KPMGs own website advertises zero-based budgeting requires “getting leadership to rethink their business through the eyes of an external investor and “remove emotion” from their decision-making on cost savings. Shockingly, they state “focus ruthlessly on value creation”. About 150 cost-cutting measures were (are) being considered including recalling hundreds of employees’ corporate mobile phones and making about a third of its personal assistants redundant. What will they do now in an uncertain market? They will likely focus their attention on driving long-term value.

What concerns TaxConnections most is the unknowing tax professional who has worked very hard for a firm only to find their role has been cut at the firm. Learn from my experience of three decades by preparing for the changes ahead as they are coming at you now. Having said that, there are things you can do that will protect you and your tax career, and position you in a position of strength. TaxConnections Executive Search Services division has a longstanding client track record in placing tax professionals with organizations worldwide. Although we are unable to place everyone we work with we do offer great counsel and an online solution that raises your professional visibility. The reason TaxConnections started was due to our desire to help as many tax professionals as possible succeed in a market no matter what the conditions are at any given time. Here is what we are doing now to support the tax community through this market:

1.TaxConnections is helping tax professionals immediately reduce overhead costs. For any tax professional laid off, semi-retired, tax student, or under any kind of financial stress we now offer a $30.00 annual membership. You will receive a full page tax professional profile and free messaging.

2.It is more important than ever to promote your personal tax brand and expertise online so people can find and connect with you. Surprisingly, there tax professionals who are completely unaware of the difficulty for former colleagues, clients and recruiters to connect with them online. Your professional profiles are blocked by sites who do not allow anyone from the outside to reach you unless they pay to do so. Your professional profiles are blocked by organizations who do not allow external sources to communicate with you. Your profiles are scraped by sites that do not represent you professionally.

3.TaxConnections is setting up a system to help employers identify those out of work get noticed through the TaxConnections platform for open tax roles.

4.TaxConnections will also be searching for tax professional members to hire to work from home to help the tax community. TaxConnections is expanding its virtual workforce to locate tax professionals to work with us.

Now is the time to “take action” and raise the visibility of your specialized tax expertise. Tax professionals who are proactive will reap many rewards. TaxConnections professional profiles make it easy for everyone to find and contact with our members online for free. Our tax professional members appear in an organic search right under LinkedIn. This is important to note as we have built a niche online tax community with shared interests and valuable content. More importantly, we have stepped up to help the tax community by offering a $30.00 annual membership fee. There are many tax professionals who need help during this time and we want you to know TaxConnections is here to support you. Tax professionals need to huddle together as a community and take action to help reduce costs of your online visibility and connectivity.

Take Action Now With TaxConnections Special Membership – $30 Per Year

We will have the new $30 URL page built within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, you can go to this landing page to register. When you see the $299.95 in the payment window you will see a small green arrow after the $299.95 you must click on. Once you click on it a $29.95 will appear. Click on this url link to register and we will manually edit you to $29.95 for the year. You can also contact us to request the new link once we have it up for you.

On Thursday, March 19th 2020 the new URL Tax Professional Membership Page will be posted to this article.


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