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Complimentary eBook Has 200+ Jokes And Fun IRS Tax Form To Share With Clients As A Treat This Week!

200+ JOKES eBook For Free

Each year, TaxConnections releases an eBook for tax professionals to enjoy 2019 Edition of 200+ Best Tax Jokes, Tax Quotes, Fun Tax Forms.

We like to give you all something to remind you to take a moment to enjoy life and laughter! There are many known health benefits to laughter including: lowers blood pressure, reduces  stress hormones, improves cardiac health, boosts T-Cells, triggers the release of endorphins, and produces a general sense of well-being. Laughing is also very good for your abs:)

Looking to add some laughter and exercise? We have included a fun tax form for those of you who would like a Halloween Tax Form in advance to share with clients.

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2019 Edition of 200+ Best Tax Jokes, Tax Quotes, Fun Tax Forms


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TaxConnections Admin

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