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How Is The Capital Gains Tax Computed On An Office Building That Was Sold That Was Used To Rent Office Space And Was Originally Purchased...
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This is one of those questions that needs more questions and answers. 1. In the first part of the question it appears that she was renting out the 2 building as office space. 2. If this is the case the office...   Read More
In 2013, What Are The Tax Laws Regarding Long Term Capital Gains?
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The capital gains tax rate is increased to 20% for 2013. The prior year was 15%. As far as the home is concerned, if you sell or plan to sell this year, and you file a joint return, the first $500,000 of profit...   Read More
How Are Capital Gains Handled When The Acquisition Price Is Intangible Compensation?
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In the UK depending on meeting the qualifying conditions for hold-over relief, any tax payable will be defered until such time as the stock issued to the seller are disposed off. If you were to provide further...   Read More
I Purchased $50,000 Shares Of GE Stock At $14.8 Twelve Months Ago In July 2011. I Have Approximately A $300,000 Gain And Want To Know If I...
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It is impossible to predict what actions Congress might take with tax rates, but in my opinion it is unlikely they will lower the long term capital gain rates and there is at least some risk that tax rates on...   Read More
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No, a Charitable Remainder Trust does not pay any taxes. The capital gains are retained in the trust and passed out to the remainder beneficiary when the trust closes.   Read More
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I think what you mean has to do with the capital gains tax rate you pay (0%, 10%, or 15%) based on your tax bracket after all your deductions and exemptions. If you are in the 10% or 15% bracket, including the...   Read More
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Unfortunately taxes don't work that way. You are not allowed to "gross up" your purchase price by inflation. You can and should add the cost of closing you paid on purchase, any improvements you made while you...   Read More
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You will pay capital gain taxes on the difference between your basis (what you paid for it ) and what you sell it for. Any improvements, costs of buying and selling are also added to what you pay for it to up the...   Read More
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Futures are taxed at the 15% tax rate.   Read More

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