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How Long Does IRS Have To Audit An Amended Tax Return When It Is Submitted 3 Or More Years From Due Date Of Original.
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Since it is being submitted after the statute of limitations has expired, they do not have to accept the amended return. However, if submitted within the statue of limitations the time is still measured from the...   Read More
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If The IRS Form 4549 (Income Tax Examination Changes) Had Calculation Errors, But The Taxpayer Signed Trusting The IRS Computers, What Can...
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You can ask for an AUDIT RECONSIDERATION. See IRS Publication 3598 which can be downloaded at the IRS website. This is a brochure on the THE AUDIT RECONSIDERATION PROCESS. The brochure contains what an audit...   Read More
Form 2106- Employee Out Of Town Travel Expenses(construction Workers)on Temporary Jobs, Less Than 1 Year In Duration.Can He Use...
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You need to remember that Depreciation is a BUSINESS expense for the investment needed to generate revenue, NOT a Personal expense. If his brother bought the trailer and rented it to him, the brother could deduct...   Read More
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Even though the corporate organizer is the sole shareholder, the corporation is respected as a separate taxpayer. The trap here for the unwary is that an "S" Corporation is still subject to many of the basic "C"...   Read More
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The IRS hired 15,000 new auditors for the purpose of enforcing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) The numbers for 2013 regular audits of individuals and businesses will not be much more than last year. IRS may...   Read More
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In the past, the IRS did not uniformly audit transfer pricing. In fact, a study in 2004 and 2005 revealed that despite a directive from the Commissioner that all international audits had to ask for transfer...   Read More
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You are at a critical stage of the audit. You have many options depending on your facts, but as a general matter the first step would be to sort through the realistic possibilities of resolving a dispute with the...   Read More

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