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I Need To Move My 401K From A Past Employer, What Is The Best Way To Do That So I Don't Get Hit With Huge Fees? Where Is The Best Place To...
User Photo Lisa Nason CPA, MST
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

A direct rollover is probably your best bet. Find a good financial advisor - open up an IRA account - it will usually be coded as a rollover account. The adviser can assist you with where to invest the actual...   Read More
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In Some States, There Is No Sales Tax. What Are The Rules If You Purchase Something Online From A Company That Is Located In One Of These...
User Photo Christopher Royer
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Sales & use tax is another avenue states collect revenue outside of income taxes. Most individuals are familiar with sales tax and not use tax. In general, everyone who uses a product is supposed to pay tax as the...   Read More
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I Work At Home And My Home Office Is More Like A Nook. I Do Everything From Home, Though, And I Was Wondering If I Still Quality For...
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The portion of your home, or apartment, used for an office must be solely and only used for that purpose. In other words, if you sleep, kick back and watch TV, or use it for any other purpose, you can not claim...   Read More
My Property Tax Bill Had A Pretty Significant Decrease. While I'm Not Complaining, Does This Mean That My House Is Now Worth Even Less?...
User Photo William Keats
Tax Professional Level: Master Tax Advisor

Was your home reassessed recently? Make sure the bill is correct, and that it is not an error. Contact your county department of assessment.   Read More
At What Age Are My Children Not Considered Dependents?
User Photo Abraham Itani, CPA
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

There are four criteria for a child to be a qualifying child, they are: 1-Relationship 2-Residence 3-Age 4-Support/Income you are asking about the third criterion which is Age. For Age there are two limits...   Read More
How Will The Affordable Care Act Effect My Small Business? Are These Benefits Deductible From My Small Business?
User Photo William Keats
Tax Professional Level: Master Tax Advisor

Health insurance premiums paid by your business are a deductible business expense. However, if you are a 2% shareholder-employee in your corporation, your portion of the premium will be added to your W-2 box 1...   Read More

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