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We Are A Small Clothing Business In California Selling Shirts And Beach Wear. We Want To Set Up A Manufacturing Relationship In India. We...
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First the best way is to set up the company as an LLC in a state that has very good LLC protections on liability issues. Arizona and Wyoming are two that I have had excellent results with. Then establish it as a...   Read More
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How Are Capital Gains Handled When The Acquisition Price Is Intangible Compensation?
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In the UK depending on meeting the qualifying conditions for hold-over relief, any tax payable will be defered until such time as the stock issued to the seller are disposed off. If you were to provide further...   Read More
Hi,I Have A Small Running Business In California.Now I Started This In UK. In US I Consulted My All Tax Returns With Best Tax Preparers ,...
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I am sure I would be able to help you. If you would like to have a look at my website and then contact me by email if you are interested in using my services we can take it from there.   Read More


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