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I Need To Know Will I Automatically Become A Globally Tax Resident Again? I Would Prefer Not To Be The Latter Global/taxable Category I.e....
User Photo Hugo Van Zyl
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Dear Irish Guy I prefer not to use the word OLD. 1. I need to know will I automatically become a globally tax resident again? - There is no such a definition in SA tax law. You are either tax resident on non-...   Read More
Why Would You Set Up A Foreign Grantor Trust When There Are No US Assets, Only Foreign Assets?
User Photo Fred Rollo
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

Reading between the lines, your client may be assuming that an ex-US trust established by her non-resident, non-citizen is a "grantor" trust for US purposes. However, if the father settles non-US assets on trust...   Read More
Can Treaty SA/Canada Allow Canadian Company To Be Exclusively Taxed In SA? My Client Is Ex Canada, Re-enters His Birth Country South Africa,...
User Photo Blair Dwyer
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

In any tax treaty, the rules depend on the residence of the entity in question for purposes of the treaty. Most treaties treat a dual-resident corporation as resident in the jurisdiction of incorporation. As a...   Read More
I Will Be On Holiday Here For Several Months. Am I Considered A Taxpayer? Am I Responsible For Any Taxes? And, If So, How Do I Go About...
User Photo Hugo Van Zyl
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

First point to make is that unlike most treaty countries, the first year's physical presence in SA, will in itself not result in you becoming a taxpayer or a tax resident. (See comment on SA interest earned by non-...   Read More
Who Is A Resident Of Australia For Tax Purposes?
User Photo Fred Rollo
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

Deciding whether you might be a ‘resident of Australia for tax purposes’ involves a careful consideration of your particular factual situation, in the context of a rather complex area of the law. Australian...   Read More


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