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Where should we be looking for more information on the ACA for marketing information and knowledge on how this will impact the 2014 form 1040?

Form 1040 ACA/Medicaid
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Dan Gordon
Please clarify what you mean by marketing information
Reply 366 weeks ago
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Tax Professional Answers

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Bill Robinson, CPA
The IRS has a portion of their web site devoted to this. The URL is In addition, forms have been released in draft so you can also view these at the IRS web site and see how there will be an impact on the Form 1040 - If you ever filed the Mass 1040 then the form where taxpayer reports coverage is kind of similar. There is no doubt in my mind that the ACA will require individuals who otherwise could use free file or TurboTax will be thoroughly confused with this new wrinkle when it comes time for filing in 2014!!
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