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When are allowable deductions allowable in Australia? From Robert D'Ambrosi Public Accountant / Practise Manager of Firm Financial and Accounting Lakemba in Sydney Australia.

The answer is :

For any expense to be claimable it needs to be paid by the taxpayer in the financial year.

It needs to be ordinarily incurred within the course of employment.

Proof is needed for seven years for auditing purposes.

For clothing a deduction is allowable for expenditure where there is a sufficient connection between the clothing and the activities productive of assessable income.

For different employees and employers this can produce varying expenses that can be allowable according to tax law.
Business Deductions
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Tax Professional Answers

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Greg Brown
The rules differ for individuals & businesses

The timing for businesses can also vary; dependent upon the elections they have made
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Sara Rumble
I agree that deductions for individuals not operating a business are available on a cash basis however there are exemotions such as the Land Tax which may be claimed on an investment proeprty even though it has not been paid.

For small businesses there are many variations depending on your choice of lodgement. For example if on accrual all income and expenses accrued need to be included. For cash basis many taxpayers do not realise that they can claim for accreued expenses and only report avtual income received.

In terms of determining what type of expenses can be claimed, as mentioned by Robert, the basic rule is there must be a clear nexus between assesable income recieved and the expense incurred - it is the interpretaion of this rule however that is very complex.

Taking the example above you would expect on a logical basis that the expense of purchasing a business suit used 100% as business attire would be deductible - not so says the ATO! This is deemed a personal expense.

As always - seek professional advice if you are not 100% sure when claiming a deductiion!
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Rohit Dwivedi CTA
For Individuals - Allowable deduction are expenses which a tax payer have spend withing the financial year and have direct nexus to the income he/she is going declere in the tax return . The tax payer have to keep the records for 5 years for Tax audit purpose.

For Business - If the business is operating on cash basis then the same rule applies but if the business is on non-cash basis then they can bring forward the expenses provided they have been invoiced for the expense or they have accured these expense in current year.
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