This newly proposed IRS Form W4 is confusing. Do I HAVE to fill out a new one for my employer? Is it a good idea to fill one out if I do not have to?

I am getting all sorts of different answers as to whether or not it is REQUIRED to prepare this document. The newly proposed document seems ridiculously hard and the withholding 'calculator' put out by the IRS is laughable at best.
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John Dundon, II EA
Check out this post - - no the IRS does not 'require' that you prepare a new W4 form for your employer. Many employers however are 'requiring' employees to prepare, sign and submit new W4 forms. Either way it is a good idea to look closely at your income tax withholding, and now is a good time to do just that. The withholding calculator I believe has a high degree of likelihood of guiding you towards under withholding which can be problematic come next April. Best to consult your tax adviser.
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