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Sars refund for taxes paid when emigrating?

I have formally emigrated from South Africa and have now been told that I can claim a refund for SARS taxes paid on my retirement policies that I cashed in and transferred out of the country. I have googled this but cannot find any info. Do you have any info on this that you can share with me pls?

Thank you
SARS refund after emigrating
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Tax Professional Answers

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Shirley (Suitao) Yang
Emigrated formally and transferred your RA savings abroad, I would assume that you have addressed all your taxes with (South African Revenue Service) SARS and have obtained a tax clearance certificate. The taxes you paid are according to the tax year’s withdrawal lump sum tax table.

The refund is a result of the reconciliation between what you have paid and what you actually owe. If you paid more than you owe, then you are eligible for a refund claiming.
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Question Owner
I have found my answer. It's the rst02 form. Thks
Reply 329 weeks ago

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