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One of my friends is a tax professional and they are sharing unbelievable stories about the tax penalties for taxpayers and Obamacare. I am a reporter and want to hear stories from tax professionals about the most unfair situations they have seen so far for their clients. Please comment here:

Obamacare Tax Penalities
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Caran Ebert, CPA
Now that employers and insurance companies have to follow the rules. Insurance companies lobbied congress and got a 2 year extension to NOT FOLLOW THE ObamaCare RULES so they have been ripping people and employers off because they could charge their high deductible policies and overcharge your employer and you for ridiculous insurance plans. This created an enormous problem along with national advertising from lobbyists that touts ObamaCare in general and create MASS confusion to the point that no one will sign up for it. There are many issues that still need to be resolved for everyone to get on the same page. The application is confusing and I have noticed that this year there is a better understanding and the questions being asked on the state/federal insurance exchanges are more realistic and shorter. Most stories probably have to do with people not understanding that if self-employed the income is after your expenses or NET PROFIT for example because I hear that most people were giving the total of their 1099-Misc income thus paying a higher premium. I have assisted numerous clients that have not had insurance for years because of a preexisting condition or prohibitive cost. I suggest that even clients that have insurance with their employer at least sign up on the exchange so they can see if they qualify to get assistance in paying their insurance premiums and/or qualify for a credit when they file their income taxes. You can only get assistance and tax credit by signing up on the exchange. This is not socialized medicine folks, no matter what you hear on tv. In Europe, if you are sick you go to a pharmacy and tell the clerk what your symptoms are and they give you medicine that you pay a few dollars for. The government pays to subsidize the pharmacy and medications. You only go to a doctor in Europe if you have certain symptoms like you have a temperature or need an x-ray and these are also subsidized by the government as well as the hospitals. In America, there are still independent insurance companies competing in free enterprise market for your business by offering additional free services on top of the required general care that THANKFULLY ObamaCare now requires. ObamaCare is the best thing that ever happened to this country. Who do you think pays for all the people using the Emergency Room as their primary care physician, we do, the taxpayers. Who pays for all the people filing bankruptcy because they get buried in medical bills, we do, the taxpayers and again with higher interest rates for the forgiven debts. ObamaCare made it possible for a hospital to turn away habitual Emergency Room offenders so that they can take care of real emergencies. For the last two years hospitals have sent out letters to these offenders stating that they will be refused service because they should go to their primary care physician for a cold not the emergency room. And the emergency rooms have become very efficient as I experienced with a true emergency myself. By making people have insurance and making them see their physician, you are saving hospitals from going bankrupt because of indigent people abusing the system or just people not paying for the services in the Emergency Room. Every progressive country in the world offers healthcare to their citizens. The United States of America was the only one that didn't and we are doing it by allowing insurance companies, health care companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and doctors to complete in a Free-Market Economy. ObamaCare is not socialist medicine, everyone on every level is competing. ObamaCare assists people by helping them make the insurance payments, obtaining tax credits, offering 100's of insurance companies to compete for your business and doctors to chose which insurance companies they want to represent. Even people on Medicare and Medicaid chose an insurance company and what type of policy (HMO/PPO) they want to have. Socialistic medicine was when we paid for indigent welfare recipient's healthcare and did not give them a choice which forced them to use the Emergency Room as their primary care physician. In the last two years, I bet that our country has saved a fortune by helping people pay for insurance instead of paying their Emergency Room fees or allowing hospitals to go out of business because of such abuse. I think we should be ecstatic over electronic medical records to stop pain-killer abuse, stop medical supply companies from overcharging and sending supplies to patients that don't even use products they peddle. There are so many middle class families that are now getting the proper healthcare services that our country has neglected to realize in the past that pharmaceutical companies were the drug pusher allowing the public to think that the doctor will cure all with a pill. And don't even get me started about the tv as our new drug pusher when it was decided not to give the free samples to the doctors any longer. I am so sick of "ASK YOUR DOCTOR" if you need X drug, then for them to tell you all the side effects you might get if you take the magic pill. I think that my parent and grandparents would have believed anything that was told to them, but since my generation, "the Hippie Generation" against the establishment has become more educated and have a plethora of internet information to be well-informed and take part in our health decisions. We got so far from our healthy selves by fast food and drug company ads to feel good and cure all that if we don't change something about our health care system, we are going to lose entire generations of over-weight disease ridden citizens. Maybe the hundreds of millions of people in our country don't understand what is being asked and maybe it will take a few years of experience for the intake clerks to know what to ask, but this is the best thing that has happened in my lifetime as I quit paying my insurance more than 20 years ago when my insurance premiums went to $2,000 a month the day I turned 40. I stopped paying the premiums, took control of my health and researched how to be and stay healthy. If I went for annual visits I paid cash and it wasn't the price that the doctor had to charge the insurance company because they knew they weren't going to get the total amount anyway. The health system was a farce, give this a chance, it is new and I know that people don't like change. Just settle down and ask questions if there are unfair or horrifying situations. Don't just complain, find out why and what you need to do about it. Let's be a free-market healthcare country of citizens that are healthy and informed and engaging in our own health and lives. Let's not just go to a doctor to get a magic pill like my parents generation. God Bless ObamaCare
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