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My husband and I are moving to Spain starting January 2013 to work as Teachers. What will we be required to do when filing our joint tax returns?

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Kathryn Morgan
Making the assumption that you and your husband are both US citizens, you will need to file a federal income tax return annually just as you have in the past. Since you will be working outside the US you may qualify for the exclusion of foreign income to cover part or all of your earnings. You will need to meet certian time and/or residence requirements and this only covers the earned income not any other types of income. Keep good track of what you make and what, if any taxes you pay in Spain, as well as your moving expenses that you pay out of packey. These all will factor into your return next year. You should be able to locate a US Tax expert in your area or you can contact me via email and I can assist you. This will not effect your 2012 taxes but will kick in in 2013.
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