International trade is being discussed at many levels in the Federal government, the states, the international community, and in the private sector. I would like to discuss international trade issues with prospective clients, but know very little about trade issues. Where can I find help?

International Trade
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John Stancil
There are a host of sources. One is simply to subscribe to business magazines and read them. Read online blogs about international trade. Find college courses - either online or in the classroom. MIT has an open OpenCourseWare offering on International Trade. It is online and free.
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Thomas Kerester, JD
Go to, the official website of the International Trade Administration (ITA) in Washington, D. C. It has an excellent program and provides trade leads, market intelligence, U.S trade initiatives, foreign safeguard activity on exports, export guides and much more. It can also help you with your clients' trade problems. And importantly, it discusses legal considerations, logistics, financial considerations, and product preparation. Your feedback on the assistance you receive from ITA could be helpful to other TaxConnections' members that may have clients interested in exporting their products.
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