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If the IRS Form 4549 (Income Tax Examination Changes) had calculation errors, but the taxpayer signed trusting the IRS computers, what can be done to have the Form 4549 corrected? Any input would be appreciated.

Audit Erroneous Form 4549-Income Tax Examination Changes
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Caran Ebert, CPA
You can ask for an AUDIT RECONSIDERATION. See IRS Publication 3598 which can be downloaded at the IRS website. This is a brochure on the THE AUDIT RECONSIDERATION PROCESS. The brochure contains what an audit reconsideration is, reasons for the request, the steps to follow to get an audit reconsideration, payment options, FAQs, and where to send the audit reconsideration documents. Your request will be granted because you believe the IRS made a computational or processing error in assessing your tax. and you must state this reason in your request.
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