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If a co-worker wants to deduct vacation time to an active duty military person, who is taxed on this?

Taxes Donating Vacation Time
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Kathryn Morgan
Not sure I understand the question. Active duty military folks are not allowed to accept donations from civilians of vacation time. Guard and Reserves are different. Can you provide more detail?
Reply 454 weeks ago
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Tax Professional Answers

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Steven Potts JD EA
Whether it is to an active duty member or to a co-worker, in organizations that allow you to give some of your PTO (personal time off = vacation time + sick pay) to another employee, the person who utilizes the hours is the person to whom it should be taxed. The co-worker situation is becoming more common as companies are allowing the donation of PTO to employees who are going to be out an extended period of time due to medical or family reasons and does not have enough accumulated PTO to maintain employment benefit qualifications.
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