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If I retire to France to I need to submit an income tax return if I do not work?

France Income Tax Return
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Conrado Mangapit, EA
Will you be receiving pension income that has income tax withholding?
Reply 448 weeks ago
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Tax Professional Answers

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Abraham Itani, CPA
Dear prospect retiree,

Assuming you are a US person ( Citizen or legal resident), as such you have to file your US income tax return while you are living and working in the US.

When you retire to a foreign country you might have to file your US return not only to claim any potential refund you might have coming from withholding on your Social Security payments, but also to comply with the additional reporting that is required if you have foreign bank accounts, foreign estates, or you being a partner/share holder in a CFC (controlled foreign Corporation) or PFIC (passive foreign income company). That is extremely important given the penalties for not filing can be north of U$10,000 per instance per year.

The possibility is you might have to file your 1040 and FBAR form if you have a foreign bank account(s) in which you have more than U$10,000. Here is a link to the FBAR form

My advice, is look beyond what is traditionally thought of as filing requirements and seek a professional help.

I hope this answers your question, if you have further comments or inquiries regarding this matter or any US tax matter, please let me know.

Abraham Itani, CPA
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