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I have submitted both Federal and State returns and have received confirmation of acceptance. I just received a 1099G from the State showing a $319 refund from 2012 for my ex-wife and I. I am filing Divorced this year and I owe the State $288. Do I need to make any corrections to my returns?

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John Dundon, II EA
Presumably you filed 'Single' in 2013 and 'Married Joint' in 2012.  If so you are absolutely safest filing amended 2013 federal and state income tax returns reporting 1/2 of the 2012 1099-G taxable refund as additional income.
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R Darren Sanford, CPA, CGMA
Whether you need to include this as income depends on whether or not you itemized your deductions (Schedule A) on your 2012 return. If you did not itemize, you do not need to include this income on your return.
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