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I have been living in Alberta for the last 4 years but have not filed my taxes in the states during this time. I was wondering two things: Can you guys file my US taxes for this time period? If so, how much would that cost?

Filing American Taxes in Canada
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David McKeegan


First off, don't worry, you're
actually in quite a common situation, our firm help expats everyday get caught
up on their delinquent taxes. Since we deal 100% in expats, we are very familiar with the steps needed to get back on track.

You are also in luck, recently the IRS put into place new regulations which help expats
to get caught up on their delinquent taxes. Under the new regulations,
qualified expats (i.e. those who make 100K or less a year) are required
to report only three years of back taxes and up to six years of FBAR (FBAR is
needed if you have more than 10K in foreign accounts). There really has
never been a better time to get on track!

you have any more questions please feel free to email me directly at If you would like a quote, you can fill out our pricing calculator at:


The Greenback Expat Tax Team

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