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I do surveys and videos to make extra cash in my spare time. How much can I earn before I have to file taxes?

I also receive Adult Child SocialSecurity Benefit of $600 under my dad. What if they don't give you a 1099 how do I report this?
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John Stancil
Any amount of income from the activity is subject to income tax, so if your total income exceeds the threshold for filing you must file a return. An additional factor is self-employment tax. If your net profit as shown on Schedule C is over $400 you must file, complete Schedule SE, and pay self-employment tax. The filing threshold for 2015 is gross income of $10,300 if you are single and $20,600 if married fililng jointly. If they don't give you a 1099 in this case it is not likely taxable to you. The social security administration usually sends out a Form SSA-1099 for beneifts received.
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