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I am a dual citizen (Spain and USA), I was borne in Spain and I have never ben in the US. I pay my taxes in Spain as the rest of the Spanish citizens. Do I have to file every year a US return, even if I do not have any assets nor income from the US?

Spain Federal Tax Return
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Antonio Rodriguez
Yes, All Americans are required to file annually the U.S. Individual Tax Return, wherever in the world they live.
If you live in Spain, you have an automatic filing extension until June 15th, with a further extension available until October 15th upon request.
All Americans who earn over $10,400 ($4,050 if married filing separately), or just $400 of self-employment income are required to file, regardless of where their income is earned, where in the world they live, whether the U.S. has a tax treaty with that country, or whether they also pay foreign taxes. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us: +34 913623701
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