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I am Robert D'Ambrosi of my own Accounting Practise in Sydney on email The question is who has the better tax system in the world? Let us open a good discussion on this question?

Countries can differ in law as to whether they have adopted the Westminster system or the civil law system in the countries own cultural way.

Countries like Australia have adopted the Westminster system of law.

This makes Australia more following of parliament as a body to produce law.

When a country has adopted the civil law system then the country would tend to use the courts and mediation more instead of parliament for law making.

In different cultural ways how has this changed the tax systems of different countries?

I would like to open communicaton from anyone around the world to express their view that can be different but of the law in different ways.

I would look forward to your response when is suitable.

Yours Sincerely
Robert D'Ambrosi
Compliance Compliance, Planning and Governance Federal

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