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How long can someone after April 15th "e-File" their taxes?

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Tax Professional Answers

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Warren Zimmer
IRS E-file is still available. IRS e-file is available through Oct. 15. E-file is the easiest, safest and most accurate way to file your taxes. With e-file you receive confirmation that the IRS received your tax return. If you e-file and choose direct deposit of your refund, you’ll normally get it within 21 days. (Copied from the website)
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Dan Gordon
The IRS e-file is now basically open ended. I have recently e-filed 2012 returns along with continuing to be able to e-file 2013 returns. This is using my tax preparation / e-file program and I have been getting acknowledgments for 2012 just the same as 2013. So the IRS is no longer closing e-file on Oct 15th as they have in past years.
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