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Hello, I work as a translator in Europe. I will be moving to the US as Lawful permanent resident to live there permanently. I have a signed contract with a Medical company in Europe but will be working from the US. Do I need to file taxes in the US as well as in Europe, please? Thank you, MC

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David McKeegan

With regards to your message, yes, you will have to file US taxes on your worldwide income. As a permanent Resident of the US, you will be required to file a tax return every year (even after you move out of the US, so long as you maintain your permanent resident status).

Fortunately, the US has tax treaties in place with most European countries, so your odds of dual taxation are slim. However you should definitely speak with an expat specialist accountant (such as Greenback), to make sure that you are limiting dual taxation as much as possible.

I hope this helps!

David McKeegan
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