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Do I need to file taxes this year?

Summary of my situation in 2013 (Employment period: 01/07/2013 to 03/18/2013):
- Taxable wages (gross): $11,339
- Net pay (paycheck): $8,493
- Taxes: $2,915
a. Federal insurance contribution act (FICA) Medical: $165
b. Federal insurance contribution act (FICA) OASDI (social security): $709
c. Federal income tax: 1,511
d. Georgia state: $530

- Live in Georgia
- Independent with no dependents
- Single
- 24 years old
- Unemployed since March 18, 2013
- Had NO social security nor unemployment benefits
- Have no other income nor debt

If it's not required, then do I get a refund if I file taxes? What is the refund amount?

Please help. Thanks.
personal tax
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Tax Professional Answers

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David McKeegan

With regards to your message, yes, you will have to file a tax return.

Individuals are required to file a return if they meet over certain income thresholds. If you are a single filer, that threshold is around $10,000. Since you made more than that, you will have to file a return.

The good news is that once you file, you will likely be entitled to a hefty refund because the majority of your income will be excluded by your personal exemption!

Hope this helps,

David McKeegan
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