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Claimed Single on application for Canadian Child tax benefits, but I just found out that I;m classified common law will i loose the benefit?

Like the question asks im just wondering if i would loose the Canadian child tax benefit ontario childs tax benefit or national childs tax benefits (all on same cheque) because I'm common law or what would happen? I wasn't sure if i was classifed common law as we haven't been living together the whole year just on and off and i guess now because we have a baby we are considered common law so I just want to know if being common law makes you unqualified to recieve any of these or universal childs benefits?
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Claudia Ku CPA, CA, MBA
The Canadian child tax benefit (CCTB) entitlement is calculated based on family net income, which in your case should include the net income (as reported on line 236 of the T1 return) of yours and your common law partner. If you incidentally claimed as a single parent, you probably have received overpayments of CCTB in the past, for which you would be required to be repaid.
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