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Can I or should I try to file file streamlined? If I do should I file 2016 first as standalone, before 2017 -2019 streamlined, because substantial capital gains in that year? Also, if streamlined is accepted if I go back and file the earlier years is there a chance that overpayments will refund?

I want to file streamlined because doing all years is burdensome, even though I overpaid about $15,000, which I can only possibly recover if I file all years. I did not file due to mental and psychological reasons of inability to focus on it. I had my GP prescribe me anxiety medication due to this from time to time. Other than that there was a serious mental issue a long time ago, and I suppose by telling my situation I could get a psychiatrist supporting letter if necessary. One problem, I filed streamlined or its predecessor many years ago, but the reason this time is not that I did not know but could not do it. I am finally focusing now so this is the window to do it. I had ST carryover capital loss of $474,922 and LT capital loss of $6832, before I made a killing in 2016 of $38,728 dividend income, $446,785 ST capital gain, and $27,443.27 as LT loss, and $25,258.76 as taxes, fees and expenses. Then, 2017was less friendly to me, where I had$14,874.53 as dividend income, $8603.34 as taxes fees and expenses and $404,642.96 as ST Capital loss.
Streamlined Filling by Expats

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