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Aust Fed Public PSS Superannuation and FBAR

Green card in US since 1991. Declared Australian Bank account every year on US taxes. I submitted 2013 FBAR via accountant for astronomical sum, On that , he noted that Bank account, and my PSS Superannuation. That PSS.. I have no input, no say in it and can do nothing with it till 2020. All I will get is the 9% CPI guaranteed return. Stock market/investments by PSS fund managers has NO bearing for me. Win/lose.. makes no diff to what I get in 2020. I intend to also submit my 2014 FBAR, note my australian Bank account AND again my PSS super. I have no issue in submitting 2011,2012 FBARS etc as well. I have nothing to hide. Is there anything else I need to do. I am deluged with Tax, CPA's and attorneys breathing fire and brimstone.. up to 10K in fees to do all this for me. I have no intention of entering OVDI.. etc. Can you provide any other info ? The amount I declare in PSS Super is the "imaginary' amount on paper..I have no access to any of it .. and as such , no money . IMPORTANT- A dialogue with a Tax expert stated I can take a treaty position to have the fund treated as a nontaxable and non-reportable account. When asked how i do that.. well , I must pay to meet him and engage their services to see what their "plan" is...What is he referring to ?. Can I do this myself?

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