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As a small business owner in San Francisco, CA I was recently told that there is a Gross Receipts Tax on Business. Can you explain to me what it is?

Gross Receipts Tax on Business
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Tax Professional Answers

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John Dundon, II EA
According to the San Francisco Examiner ...

"San Francisco’s payroll tax was kicked to the curb in the November election and replaced with a levy on businesses’ gross receipts."

The article goes on to state ...

"Under the new tax model, businesses with at least $1 million in gross receipts will pay rates, adjusted annually for inflation, of 0.075 percent to 0.65 percent.."

You might find the following article helpful ...

good luck!
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Lynn Mitchell
Are you referring to the payroll tax replacement or to the gross receipts business license tax? Both are handled through the same office, you'll probably want to call the city/county treasurer to determine your specific business class and which particular taxes apply to your business.
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