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As a new income earning taxpayer, when should I consider hiring an accountant?

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Tax Professional Answers

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Chuck Heyde, CPA, CGMA
That's like asking if you need car or health insurance.

You could wait until you need it and hope a CPA can bail you out of trouble. Or you invest in your future right away and develop a relationship with a CPA right away.

Watch the 2nd from the top video - it is right on point -

Chuck Heyde, CPA, CGMA
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Michael Baum, EA
Please be aware that you can also select an Enrolled Agent, authorized by IRS to practice, under the same rules and to provide the identical tax
services of a CPA and often at a much lower cost.

Choose wisely. As a taxpayer, you are legally responsible for everything
reported on your tax return; whether you prepare it yourself or have
someone else prepare it for you. Below are some helpful tips in selecting an individual or company to prepare your taxes. While the majority of tax
preparers are knowledgeable, honest and professional, there are always
some who, as the saying goes, give everyone else a bad name.

Check the preparer' history. A great way is to either do a simple search on Google or ask for references from at least 3 clients. Contact the client yourself. Ask about their service fees. Many preparers will bill on an hourly basis. Make sure you know if they do and how much. Others charge a fixed fee per return with additional fees for certain forms.

Make sure they are accessible after the April due date in case you have a question about your return.

The preparer you choose should do all of the following:
Ask you to provide all receipts and records needed to prepare your return.
Never retain someone that guarantees a refund.
Never ask you to sign a blank return.
Have you review the entire return before you sign it.
Sign the return and include their preparer tax identification number (PTIN) issued by IRS For more information you can visit the IRS web page on
choosing a Tax Professional.

Chuck is absolutely correct to advise that you should retain a professional even before you need one. Like the old Fram commercial reminded, "You can pay me now or pay me later."
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