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An attorney (single owner of S Corp) works from an office in his home. The S Corp reimburses the attorney for expenses (utilities, mortgage interest, property tax, insurance, etc.) for the office in the home. Is he also entitled to a reimbursement for depreciation?

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Kazim Qasim, EA, CTC
Yes. You can complete form 8829, part III and bill the S Corp for 1/12 of the depreciation amount each month. You must have a letter form the S Corp stating that the home office is for the convenience of the employer. In addition, you can be reimbursed for auto related expenses.
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Rochelle Gross
This reply leaves questions. My question is how is he being reimbursed?" Is it with money, shouldn't he report the income as "other income". If he is not being reimbursed with money then he can take the deductions for Business use of a Home Office.
Reply 44 weeks ago

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