Tax Education Catalogue

Title Date Type Topic
2014 Employment Tax Update 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Updates, Employment & Withholding Tax
2014 Farm and Agricultural Tax Review and Update 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Industry Specific, Agriculture, 2014, Tax Updates
2014 International Tax Update 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars 2014, International, Tax Updates
2014 Nonprofit Tax Update 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Updates, Non-Profit
2014 Real Estate Tax Update and Review 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Updates, Industry Specific
2014 Tax Shelter Update 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars 2014, Tax Updates, Tax Shelters
Are You The Victim Of A Clawback In A Ponzi Scheme 07-31-2014 OnDemand Webinars Clawbacks
ASC 740/Tax Provision Preparation 05-23-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Accounting, Tax Reporting, Tax Provision
California Taxation Differences vs. Federal Taxation 05-07-2014 Self-Study State & Local, Federal
Cancellation of Debt Income 06-27-2014 OnDemand Webinars Debt
Churches and Ministries: Understanding Tax Issues and IRS Enforcement Guidelines 06-27-2014 OnDemand Webinars Non-Profit
Complications Selling A Home 04-20-2014 Self-Study Industry Specific, Real Estate
Construction Industry Tax Issues 06-26-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Accounting, Industry Specific, Construction Industry, Tax Reporting
Deceased Taxpayer 05-22-2014 Self-Study Estate & Trust
Divorce And Its Tax Implications 06-02-2014 Self-Study Divorce
EA Exam Self-Study Part III - Representation and Ethics 08-21-2014 OnDemand Webinars Enrolled Agent
EA Exam Self-Study Part I - Individuals 05-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Enrolled Agent
EA Exam Self-Study Part II - Businesses and More 05-29-2014 OnDemand Webinars Enrolled Agent
EITC - Earned Income Tax Credit 05-30-2014 Self-Study Tax Credits, Credits & Incentives
Federal Tax Update 2013-2014 05-08-2014 Self-Study Federal, Tax Updates
Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate - The Basic Principals 09-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Real Estate, Foreign Investment
Home Mortgage Interest 04-20-2014 Self-Study Real Estate, Industry Specific
How the IRS Determines Unreported Income - Learn the Techniques the IRS Utilizes 06-30-2014 OnDemand Webinars IRS
How to Avoid Deadly Payroll Problems With the IRS 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Payroll, IRS
How to Buy Low and Donate High - Building Wealth Through Wise Charitable Giving 06-30-2014 OnDemand Webinars Non-Profit
How to Contest IRS Penalty and Interest Determinations and a Guide to Taking Cases to Appeals 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars IRS
How to Create a Foreign Nonprofit Organization That Meets IRS Requirements 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Non-Profit
How to Defend a Client Before IRS Examination and Collection 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars IRS
How to Form a Nonprofit and Obtain IRS Approval 06-30-2014 OnDemand Webinars Non-Profit
How to Form a Nonprofit/For Profit Joint Venture That Meets IRS Criteria 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars Non-Profit, Joint Ventures
IC DISC- Interest Charged- Domestic International Sales Corporations 07-30-2014 OnDemand Webinars DISC - Domestic International Sales Corporation, International, Interest & Dividends
International Tax Issues for Businesses 06-27-2014 OnDemand Webinars International
International Tax Issues for Individuals 06-26-2014 OnDemand Webinars International, Individual
Internet Tax Summit 2015 10-05-2015 OnDemand Webinars Tax Tips
IRA Distribution Penalty Exceptions 05-15-2014 Self-Study Individual, IRA - Individual Retirement Accounts
IRC Section 1031 – Understanding Like-Kind Exchanges 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Like-Kind Exchanges, Paychecks and Bank Accounts
IRS Correspondence and Matching Programs 06-27-2014 OnDemand Webinars IRS
IRS Examination Selection Process - What Happens to Tax Returns After They are Filed 06-26-2014 OnDemand Webinars IRS
IRS Federal Tax Annual Refresher Course 07-06-2014 Self-Study IRS, Federal
Learn Circular 230 Compliance 06-17-2014 Self-Study IRS, Circular 230
Learn How Insurance Marketplaces, Premium Assistance Credit and Shared Responsibility Payments interact 05-13-2014 Self-Study Tax Tips, Insurance, Industry Specific
Learn NIIT - Net Investments On Income Tax 04-30-2014 Self-Study Income Tax
Net Operating Losses: Making the Right Choice 06-26-2014 OnDemand Webinars Net Operating Losses
Offers in Compromise and the IRS Audit Reconsideration Process – Guide to Reducing a Client’s Tax Debt 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Offer-In-Compromise, IRS, Gift Certificates
Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program 08-06-2014 OnDemand Webinars OVDP - Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program
Pre-Immigration Tax Planning 08-13-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Planning, Immigration, Expatriate/Inpatriate
Preparing the Challenging Form 990 06-26-2014 OnDemand Webinars Non-Profit
Realistic Budgeting for the Small Nonprofit - Incremental versus Logistics-based Budgeting 06-27-2014 OnDemand Webinars Non-Profit
Relief From Debt and Foreclosure 04-23-2014 Self-Study Debt
Requirements For Foreign Reporting 05-29-2014 Self-Study Tax Reporting
Roth IRA Obstacles and How To Overcome Them 05-01-2014 Self-Study Individual, IRA - Individual Retirement Accounts
Self Study EA Exam Course - All Three Parts 07-14-2014 OnDemand Webinars Enrolled Agent
Self-employment Tax Reduction Strategies 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars Individual
Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars Non-Profit
Tax Ethics 2014 Update 07-02-2014 OnDemand Webinars Ethics, 2014
Tax Planning Techniques For Foreign Investors In U.S. Real Estate 07-31-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Planning, Real Estate, Industry Specific, Foreign
Tax Refunds from Ponzi Scheme Losses 09-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Refunds, Clawbacks
Tax Techniques and Strategies Often Overlooked 04-22-2014 Self-Study Tax Tips
Tax Treaties: Their Impact on Doing Business Abroad 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Treaties
Taxation and Major Immigration Issues of Resident and Nonresident Aliens 06-27-2014 OnDemand Webinars Immigration
The Internal Revenue Manual: How to Research Tax Issues and Learn to Avoid IRS Practice Mistakes 07-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Research, IRS
The Internal Revenue Service in the Not So Good News: Understanding the Problems and the Impact on You and Your Clients 06-26-2014 OnDemand Webinars IRS
Travel Expenses - Domestic and Foreign 06-26-2014 Self-Study Travel, Transportation
U.S. Taxation of Foreign Investors – General Overview 09-03-2014 OnDemand Webinars Foreign Investment
Understanding the IRS Defined Abusive Tax Shelter and the IRS Enforcement Process 06-27-2014 OnDemand Webinars Tax Shelters, IRS
United States International Taxation 08-20-2014 OnDemand Webinars International, Enrolled Agent
Use and Disclosure Consents for Section 7216 05-11-2014 Self-Study IRS



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