William Perez

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I'm focused on one thing. Sharing the best tax ideas.

If it's basic tax content, my aim is to deliver clear, concise information with a minimum of blah-blah-blah. 'Cuz we all just want to get back to doing tax returns.

But if it's not basic, if it's important, or new, or confusing, or scary, or interesting, or .... That's where I bring in subject matter experts. Yes, I want to talk to tax professionals. I want to share your wisdom, your insights, with the rest of the world.

So what am I trying to say here? Feel free to say hi! I'd like to talk with you.

Here's how can I help you today:

● Want to be interviewed as a subject matter expert? I'm always eager to talk to sources for articles I'm writing.

● Have you written an article or blog post? I'm always looking for great content to reference or share on social media. I can help get your content discovered.

● Would you like to write an article? I can act as your editor and help you get published.

What I'm working on right now:

♦ New and Emerging tax topics. Repairs, Year End Planning, Startups, Crowdfunding, AirBNB, the new economy.
♦ FATCA -- if you have a story, I'd like to hear from you
♦ STATE level tax tips. I want to connect with an EA or CPA in each state to help me build state-level tax planning tips.

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Freelance Writer-Editor
2004 - Present
Writes and edits content for the Web site.

Covers the topics of tax planning for individuals (Form 1040 topics), such as deductions and tax credits and planning strategies.

Interviews tax professionals and government representatives as sources.

Writes up first-look summaries of major tax proposals or new legislation.

Promotes and markets content through search engine optimization.

Promotes and markets content through social media.

Professional Certifications

Enrolled Agent (EA)

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