Geoff Peck

Executive Office and Chief Taxologist

PawPaw Taxology
Amersham, United Kingdom

Digital info products and consultancy services

Professional Summary

A leader in the arena of global Tax Automation solutions and has been for twenty years. This is the culmination of a thirty year IT, ERP and business systems consulting career. With a solid academic background plus experience of working in seven different countries, he arrived at Tax Automation as the principle architect in a global indirect Tax roll-out culminating in one of the world’s most sophisticated solutions based on external Tax engines.
More recently, he built an online presence as a thought leader for tax technology excellence, adoption, and continuity. Author of the "Tax Technology Advanced Program", the world's first training for Taxologists (managers and tax technologists).

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PawPaw Taxology


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PawPaw Taxology
Amersham, United Kingdom HP6 6HL
Executive Office and Chief Taxologist
Digital info products and consultancy services
2015 - Present
Available to help Tax function stakeholders improve technology effectiveness, plan for the future, avoid pitfalls, and adjust organizationally. Work with me to gain clarity and determine a course of action based on insights not available elsewhere.
Amersham, United Kingdom HP6 6HL
Founding Partner, Managing Consultant
Boutique Consultancy
2004 - 2014
Founded Taxaccord as a result of a successful tax technology initiative at a time when global solutions were still new. The foundations and principles established are responsible to this day for indirect tax determination on a taxable basis of $40B+ per year.
Taxaccord became the largest boutique consultancy in the world dedicated to this space, before it was sold in 2014.


BS, Information Systems 1989
University of South Africa
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Bachelor of Science earned with Honours
Dissertation "5th Generation Programming Languages - Application Generators" (Distinction awarded)
Diploma in Datameterics
BSBA, Business Studies 1979
Bradford University
Bradford, England, United Kingdom
Awarded with Honours

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