Dave Hernandez

Tax Accountant

Self Employed
Denver, Colorado, USA

Public Accounting Firm - Regional

Professional Summary

* IRS audits --- I've been told that I am one of the best
* Complex Tax Problems --- At the CPA firms I worked at I always got the big messy jobs because I could accomplish the task within budget
* Experience --- Extensive tax and accounting experience: - 31 years
* Training --- 10 tax seasons at quality CPA firms
* Communication --- Proven ability to teach clients tax responsibilities
* Record keeping --- Been told by many IRS auditors that the automobile expense
logs I made that I give my clients are the best they have ever seen
* Documentation --- At CPA firms they create worksheets for all calculated numbers. I do
the same for my clients. I don't just do your tax return I create a file
that will back up all positions we take.
* Education --- My license requires 24 hrs of CPE a year. I generally take 50-100 hrs

I read tax case law extensively and work with Tax Attorneys on all complex issues.
If you come to me with a complex tax issue you can be assured that I will discuss the issue with the top tax attorneys in the country and get their ideas on resolution before proceeding with any position I take. Anything the Tax Court puts in writing overrides the IRS Tax Code and Regulations immediately. When dealing with a complex issue I'm able to discern (1) whether the tax court has any published opinions on it and what they exactly say. I would never take a position on a matter that the Tax Court has written positions contrary to. I can also let

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Self Employed
Denver, Colorado, USA 80250
Tax Accountant
Public Accounting Firm - Regional
1985 - Present
What do I enjoy about the work I do?

Using the skills I was born with. I have an excellent facility for working with numbers and organizing. While I was working at large CPA firms, when a client came in with a big mess of boxes and paper I always got the job. I could sort through the extreme detail and complete the work in a reasonable amount of time.

Usually when big messes come in CPA firms get stuck with extensive non billable time that was put into the work. When I got the big mess I could do the job with zero time that they couldn't bill the client. Since CPA firms always bill by the hour this gave the client the best price.

I enjoy having a new client suddenly realize that now they understand tax and what they have to do every year to maximize their deductions. My clients always appreciate the time I spend training them how to keep a record keeping system that will support them if ever audited.


B.Acc, Accounting 1983
Metropolitan State College of Denver
Denver, Colorado, United States

Professional Certifications

Enrolled Agent (EA)

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