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Mastermind: Tax Professionals Of The Future Will Require A New Set Of Knowledge And Skills

While tax professionals have taken time to get up to speed on the changes in the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, corporate management teams are focused on the technology available to transform their tax and finance function. While countries all over the world are legislating changes, organizations must adopt technology that addresses the challenges of global tax obligations. Forward thinking companies are currently organizing in-house IT teams to look at how technology implementations will help them meet the challenges ahead. Companies are developing a technology schema that touches all of finance and tax. The skills and knowledge required of tax professionals hired in the future will be very different from the skills of many tax professionals we know today. The importance of learning about this new technology is a requisite skill of anyone in the tax profession.

New tax technology is making process easier and much more reliable. The more education you acquire about new software and tax legislation the more you will advance your knowledge and skill in the tax profession. These are the jobs of the future of the tax profession. TaxConnections offers technology webinars we call Mastermind with the purpose of training tax professionals on a wide range of technology being adopted by corporations today. Acquiring a wider range of software technology knowledge will advance you faster as you navigate your career in the tax profession.

Join TaxConnections to learn about this technology while also gaining access to feedback from the tax community on their adoption and use of this technology in their own organizations. Learn from tax colleagues what technology works for them and what did not work in hindsight. Avoid the mistakes made by many in the adoption of new technology for their tax organizations. Leap ahead of many tax professionals by acquiring valuable knowledge and skill surrounding the future of technology and the tax profession.

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